Several hundred Flash games !
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Flash Space Cruiser 77

Space Cruiser 77
Space Cruiser 77 is a shoot em up flash game. It plays with cursors and space bar. It may remember you old games :) To get bonuses, you should destroy every ennemies at each times. You get extra bonuses if you use exactly the corresponding ammo quantity to do it. You should avoid the red bonuses.

Flash Air Fox

Air Fox
A classic shoot'em'up, with amazing gameplay.

Flash Raiden X

Raiden X
An excellent fan game of RAIDEN, shoot' EM up of the rooms of arcades. Summary graphics can paraitre with the first access, but the remainder makes the difference after a few minutes in play.

Flash Final Fortress

Final Fortress
An excellent play of defensive strategy. You must defend a territory counters enemy incursions. You have for that of a panoply heavy artillery and mines…

Flash Drakojan Skies 3

Drakojan Skies 3
Continuation of this excellent series. It is dorévanant possible to buy weapons no-claims bonus thanks to the gold piéces recovered in the level. Excellent a shoot' em' up side worthy of the plays of arcade of antant.

Flash Drakojan Skies Acolytes Alpha

Drakojan Skies Acolytes Alpha
4th shutter of the superb Drakojan series Ski, on board your vessel push back the many attackers and recover the no-claims bonus transported not your companions the dragon, superb realization.

Flash Drakojan Skies 2

Drakojan Skies 2
Mission 2 of the play preceding episode. Always also beautiful graphically, this series returns a antology of the Flash plays.

Flash Drakojan Skies 1

Drakojan Skies 1
Excel shoot'em'up side in which the weapons profit from upgrades delivered by dragons.

Flash Allied Aussault

Allied Aussault
A shoot' em' up rather pretty and fluid, but a little summary all the same. You incarnate a pilot of vessel spacial and you must destroy the many waves of enemies who barent your road, for that you can collect no-claims bonus of power to improve the impact of your shootings, very beautiful realization graphic.

Flash Bowman

Arc and arrow in hand, click on the mouse and while leaving the inserted button, regulate the angle and the force of the shooting. Adjust these parameters according to the result of the first shooting, the goal being to touch the other the first. Graphics are rather simple, but this game is interesting.

Flash Flash Ikaruga

Flash Ikaruga
The fabulous shot of Dreamcast adapted in Flash, a real pleasure! The principle is to absorb the shootings of your color and to avoid with the others. Z to draw, X polarity, C torpedes.

Flash Sniper School

Sniper School
Simulation of school of Sniper.

Flash Battle Of The Worms

Battle Of The Worms
Similar game to Panzer Dragoon. Destroy your enemies since your dragon. Collect in the passing the no-claims bonus of force and life. This game results from the universe of Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Flash King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill
In this play, you must destroy your enemies while launching the balls of your catapults. While clicking and while moving back the mouse on the lathes, you will be able to launch the balls.

Flash Bush Royal Rampage

Bush Royal Rampage
You incarnate Bush, and must defend the Queen of England in London against terrorists.

Flash Snow Trooper

Snow Trooper
A game similar to the mythical play Commando. Your hero is a warrior armed with a lance snowballs! Longevity of the play: Four levels.

Flash Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica
Worms like with penguins. You have balls of ices, grenades and missiles to demolish you your enemies.

Flash X-Wing Tournament

X-Wing Tournament
Control X-Wing left the Star Wars. You must cut down an adversary in a circular zone of play. Orders: Paving stone of cursors + CTRL.

Flash Trapshoot

A play of very funny ball-trap in which you must cut down chicken who escape, or of the moles which leave their gallery. Caution: the number of cartridges is limited!