Several hundred Flash games !
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Flash Battle in Megaville

Battle in Megaville
In the line of Street Fighter, this game astonished me and held a whole evening…

Flash Kung-Fu Fighter

Kung-Fu Fighter
Fighting game same to the street fighter under the topic of the film kung fu hustle. A priori very simple, this play proposes very interesting special blows. To discover.

Flash Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2
No need to present the famous Street Fighter 2 of Capcom. Playable in solo or duel against friends. Special blows: A+D/A+D+Bas/X+C

Flash 3 Foot Ninja 2

3 Foot Ninja 2
Very nice Ninja fighting game. Beautiful graphisms and the design is sophisticated.

Flash 3 Foot Ninja

3 Foot Ninja
This fighting game has very nice graphics, and the game-play is fluid.

Flash Street Fighter Flash

Street Fighter Flash
Conversion of Street Fighter Chaos Neo Geo. Graphics are not exceptional, but one finds well the environment which made the success of play.

Flash Shino-Beat

Japanese urban fighting game, with the sabre. Pleasant graphics, but very summary jouability.

Flash Bloody Rage

Bloody Rage
Street fighting game similar to Street Fighter, but which has the merit of the originality. In spite of the great special blows number, this game is limited by quite bad graphics.