Several hundred Flash games !
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Flash Quest For The Rest

Quest For The Rest
Continuation of Samorost, once again superbly carried out, help the 3 children to pass various more beautiful tables all the ones than the others. Graphics are somewhat inspired by play PC Little Big Aventure.

Flash Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous
An excellent fan game of Rick Dangerous, mythical play of the Eighties in an Indiana Jones atmosphere.

Flash Samorost

Superb adventure game which occurs in space, equipped with very beautiful slightly tortured graphics.

Flash Flow

In this very particular play, you incarnate a bacterium evolving/moving in its natural environment, you must nourish yourselves and evolve/move while paying attention to the other bacteria more advanced than you… (click left to accelerate, red bacteria to go more deeply and the blue ones to return on the surface, others to nourish you and evolve/move).

Flash Snake

Useless to explain the principle of this known game, version improved of the basic play.

Flash Legend Of Zelda

Legend Of Zelda
A remake of the famous Zelda. Ideal for coming back into this marvellous universe. The game suffers with an excessive pixelisation.

Flash Micro Life

Micro Life
You must raise small small beasts by nourishing them. They lay then eggs and the colony grows! A very fascinating play and very original.

Flash Pharaohs Tomb

Pharaohs Tomb
Very beautiful play of adventure in 3D. You owe exporer the heart of Egyptian pyramids. The orders are a little diverting at the beginning, but one made there quickly.

Flash Legends of Hiro

Legends of Hiro
A true adventure game well decorated and with an elegant Celtic music.