Several hundred Flash games !
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Flash Extra Lines

Extra Lines
Prevent the board from filling by forming rows of 5 or more pieces of the same color. The completed rows will disappear, leaving the spaces for new pieces. Take a look at the rules to know the special bonuses.

Flash Tetris 7

Tetris 7
Classic Tetris game with 7 new pieces ! It's now really harder, and absolutely impossible to stay alive for a long time :) Have fun in this new competition !

Flash Space Cruiser 77

Space Cruiser 77
Space Cruiser 77 is a shoot em up flash game. It plays with cursors and space bar. It may remember you old games :) To get bonuses, you should destroy every ennemies at each times. You get extra bonuses if you use exactly the corresponding ammo quantity to do it. You should avoid the red bonuses.

Flash Memento

Memento is a memory game with 4 cubes. The principle is to reconstitute the light and sound series. Several alternatives are available: the cubes can have rotations, translations, or even lose the color which identifies them. A very difficult combo mode combines all these alternatives.

Flash Juggling

To get points, the ball should stay in the air. After that, you can make the mouse turn arround the ball to get extra points (see the rules for more details).

Flash Flashcub

Flashcub is a Puzzle game, with strategic combinaisons. The aim is to get 3 green box at each level. There are 10 levels, good luck !

Flash A-lines

Try to align 5 balls or more in horizontal, vertical or diagonal ...

Flash Montgolfier

You should fly with a montgolfier to collect letters in order to find a word which corresponds to the draw on the right-top.

Flash Cubix

Raise all 25 blocks by simply clicking on them.

Flash Connect 4

Connect 4
A connect 4 game, which perhaps will memory of childhood, and whose artificial intelligence is not so easy to beat, with an interface of fast and effective play.

Flash Solitaire 3D

Solitaire 3D
With not confusing with the card deck, this recluse consists in eliminating all the balls present on the table. That functions like a play of lady, if it is not that it is possible to remove only one ball at the same time. A very fascinating play and also very difficult!

Flash Dinky Smash

Dinky Smash
Excel play with the paces of Tetris. The levels are very well proportioned, the lifespan of this play is very high.